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Titanium Blue Bulldogges is located in beautiful Perry, Utah at that base of the Wasatch Mountains. We have always had dogs in our family as we love their companionship in our lives.  We have bred many different types of dogs in the past, including Labs, Golden Retrievers and English Bulldogs.  In 2009 we found our first Olde English Bulldogge and fell in love.  They are a fabulous breed with many great traits!  They are the most well-tempered, loyal, loving, gentle, protective, charming and best behaved dogs around with amazing personalities!!! They are companions and playmates with my children and loved by all!

After finding our first bulldogge, we found that we could not pass up the opportunity to have more join our family.  During our search, we dedicated a lot of time and research into finding the most agile, healthy, well tempered, and perfect bulldogs that we could find which took us all over the United States.  Overtime, we have been very pleased with what we have produced and the quality and health that they have.  Therefore, we now produce and keep our own females and only continue that search for outstanding males that contain that same quality and personality that we love with an amazing gene pool to add to our own.  

Our crazy bunch are raised in our home as part of our family.  In fact, they lay on our couch to watch movies with our family and are involved in all aspects of our lives.  They are all healthy and happy with excellent temperaments and awesome athletic abilities.  

With our fabulous "friends", we now want to help your family find that "perfect" Old English Bulldog.  With our pairings, first & foremost, we focus on producing pups that are healthy.  We want to improve our bloodlines.  We hope that each puppy we produce is healthier than its parents.  Our bulldogges are free breeders, meaning, they can breed and whelp their puppies naturally.   All of our bulldogges are registered with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association - IOEBA -( 

So, if you have an itch for puppies with tons of wrinkles, loose skin, bully heads and large chests, then you can stop your search, as that is what we have here at Titanium Blue Bulldogges.  

You can contact me for more information on our current puppies for sale by sending an e-mail to  You can also sign into our guest book (below) to leave a comment or sign up for our newsletter (below) to be notified about any upcoming litters of available puppies.

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Titanium Blue Bulldogges

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